View Full Version : New signature guidelines

02-13-2008, 09:41 PM
These might be temporary, so keep the hate mail to yourself for a little bit. :) There are several members who abuse the loose rules regarding signatures, so we'll just take it away from everyone for a while to sort of clean things up. You can still upload a picture to the board to use for your signature, but BB code has been disabled.

Just a quick review about having shop banners, logos, and/or links in your sigs:

of course ALL banners and logos for our site supporters may be used in your signature
if you choose to share a non-site supporting shop, you may do so via a link only. No banners/logos of non-supporters are permittedIf you have any questions, or need help with a sig pic or attaching a sig pic......please feel send me a private message, or create a new thread in the comments forum.

If you currently use the signature feature, please take the time to edit your signature accordingly. (ie, upload your sig pic, fix any text that might be in your sig). We will gladly clean your sigs out for you as time permits.